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About Pop

Hi, My name is Darrell Love.  I have six wonderful grandkids.  Four girls and two boys.  They call me Pop.

I have Multiple Sclerosis, MS.  I am not able to play with them as I had once envisioned.  I'm not able to chase them around the backyard, walk with them, or take them to the park or to the movies.

One of the things that I can do is tell them stories.  I've chosen to tell them stories from the Bible.

Electronic tablets and electronic games have taken over.  My grandkids love to play games.  They are not reading books as much as previous generations did.  I want to encourage children, starting with my grandkids, to read more.  To learn God's Word.  I want to make God's Word simple enough and interesting enough so that they will begin a relationship with the Lord today.

As I write stories for my grandkids, I'm making them available for children everywhere on the website.

I originally intended for each story to be only one page long.  I thought that anything over a page might discourage children from reading it or that it wouldn't hold their interest.  I want them to be excited about reading new stories.  I also wanted them to be able to understand what they read and encourage them to ask questions of their parents.


My youngest granddaughter is three years old.  She likes hearing the stories read to her but she also wanted to see pictures.  Well, I'm no artist, but thank goodness my sister is going to help me with the graphics.

I'm starting off in the Old Testament, in Genesis.  I originally promised myself that I would add a new story every two weeks.  I think I'll give that a shot.

Thanks in advance for your patience.  Thanks for stopping by.  May God bless you in amazing and wonderful ways.  May you learn something new as you read each story.


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